Top 5 Places To Go Surfing In Australia’s Amazing Coastline

“Walking the board” has been a long-time favorite family activity and competitive sport to the sunshine drenched residents of Australia. Boasting of soft sand and magnificent views, plan your next surfing trip to the famous Aussie coastline. The following article highlights 5 spectacular beaches and fun attractions, while you pick any of the vacation holiday homes Noosa offers.

Snapper Rocks

Considered one of surf world’s prime boarding spots, Snapper Rocks is located at Rainbow Bay, known for its colourful sandy beaches. Renowned for the ‘Super Bank’, it is home to the longest, most consistent hollow waves in the world. The swells at Snapper Rocks reach six to eight feet and land you as far as two kilometers away from where you started. The most elite surf events occur here such as Quiksilver and Roxy Pro and you can catch regular surfing elites here at their favorite surf spot.


Featured on many travel shows and home to the Noosa Surfing Festival, Noosa is located in Queensland and is one of Australia’s most fashionable resort towns. It is regarded by UNESCO for its crystal blue waters and a thriving tropical rainforest with a diverse ecosystem. Finding accommodations such as holiday homes Noosa wide or resorts in Noosa heads witta circle is easy through websites like Other places you can find Noosa accommodation, hostels or holiday stays in Noosa are to simply visit the resort coastline where warm locals are always ready to point travelers in the right direction. It is considered one of the most photogenic beaches for long boarding, boasting swells that will give you a 200-meter ride.

Crescent Head

Located on the coastline in New South Wales, the 25-kilometer coastline is home to four perfect point-breaks and is easy surfing for beginners as well. You can hire a long board in case you may not be travelling with one and sign up for their many surfing lessons. The relatively small community also has a golf course if you want to take a break from the Pacific Ocean. RW Noosa Holidays

Bells Beach

To surfing enthusiasts Bells Beach is the historic and spiritual home to Aussie surfing. Home to the Rip Curl Pro, Australia’s most prestigious surfing event, swells from the south make consistent surfing possible. If you are new to long boarding, you might want to be cautious about the shallow reef closer to the coastline, in case you face an unusually bad weather. Swells here have been recorded at five meters and above, allowing professional surfers to glide along the coastline for longer stretches  while enjoying the oceanic view.

Angourie To Byron Bay

The northern coast of NSW was dubbed the promise land for surf culture in the 1960s. Started by surfing communes living semi bohemian lives, Angourie was discovered in the 1970s for its prominent point break and easy access to the water. Byron Bay has been featured in endless documentaries and films for its pretty sandy beaches and majestic coastline.


With Spring Break around the corner, you can make your travel plans accordingly. You can find holiday homes Noosa wide that will allow you the freedom of living like a local, while you learn to surf or ride the waves like a pro.

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