When to Get an Auto Transmission Repair

An auto transmission is a type of transmission in a motor vehicle that can change the gear ratios automatically as the vehicle moves. This way the driver is freed from having to shift the gears manually. It has many advantages including its lack of a clutch pedal and manual shift pattern enabling a driver to operate the car with as few as two limbs, thus making an allowance for disabled drivers.  Dylan Callahan states that it is a fact that 70% of cars driven in Australia use auto transmission. An auto transmission is very important in the running of a car and any problems with the transmission can prove difficult creating the need to find a professional that offers services of auto transmission repairs.

auto transmission repairs

Auto transmission repairs are not cheap and the more you ignore the problem, the worse it becomes. Here are some of the signs that your transmission has a problem.

Abnormal Functioning

One of the signs that you need auto transmission repairs is when your transmission is no longer working normally. There are various indicators of this abnormal functioning, one of them being transmission slipping. This may come to your notice as you are driving when you press the pedal and the engine revs up but there is no resulting increase in the speed or you may feel a hesitation before the vehicle speeds up just after pushing the pedal.

Strange Sensation

Another reason for you to consult a professional that offers services of auto transmission repairs in Alexandria NSW is when you experience weird sensations while driving. This can be in the form of strange vibrations when driving. In case you feel strange vibrations while driving, especially at a particular speed or speed range, it may be an indication that your transmission or one of its components should be repaired or replaced.

Warning Lights and Fluid Leaks

When you see a warning light, it is basically due to an error code being generated by the computer and this can be checked using a shop’s diagnostic equipment and the code “p0700” indicates a general transmission problem. Another indication is if the light states “O/D”, meaning over drive as there is a registered transmission problem. With regard to fluid leaks if you notice red, pink or brown puddles or leaks beneath your car, it could be from a faulty seal or gasket and you may need repairing or fluid exchange.

Strange Noises and Smell

When you are driving your automobile and you experience strange or new noises like grinding, clucking or thumbing when the vehicle shifts, it’s a sure sign that you should consult Alexandria NSW auto transmission repairs professionals. In addition, car engines operate at high temperature as do transmissions. Thus they require the correct amount of transmission lubrication fluid without which there can be overheating and failure. When this occurs you may notice a strange smell that resembles the smell of burning or chemical substance as the car operates.

It is very important to keep the auto transmission of your vehicle in great shape. To find auto transmission repairs Alexandria NSW wide, you can log on to the Internet (check: http://autotransaustralia.com.au/)

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