A Full Service of Your Audi

Audi is noted for its luxury car models. This continues the German tradition of innovation combined with attention to detail. Any owner of an Audi vehicle should expect the same level of care when the time comes for an Audi to be serviced. There is the need for qualified technicians that can undertake this work. As the Audis evolve then the technicians’ training and skills have to keep pace with this. For peace of mind, companies like Audi service Sydney by BWA are able to fully service your Audi.

Services on Offer

Vehicle Inspections

Therefore, Audi service Sydney by BWA is authorized to undertake RMS (Roads and Maritime Services) to ensure vehicles meet minimum standards.

It may also be necessary to undertake an independent inspection of a vehicle at the end of the warranty period. A written report will be produced detailing any problems.

It is also possible to undertake a “Rego-Pink slip” inspection. This is required under Australian Legislation to ensure that a vehicle is roadworthy after three years.

A log book inspection is also part of this service. Necessary changes of lubricants and engine checks can be carried out according to the log book schedule on any Audi model. The owner of a new car, under Australian ACCC regulations, has the right to choose who is going to service and repair any new car.

Air Conditioning

This service is an ARC (Australian Refrigerant Council) licensed workshop. Consequently, Audi service Sydney by BWA can diagnose, repair and maintain an Audi air conditioning system. The correct equipment and diagnostic systems can be employed by technicians who are fully conversant with all recent developments. This will cover “re-gassing”, the ability to detect leaks, the overhaul of the compressor, and the replacement of any major items.

Brake and Clutch Repairs

This service covers the fluid flush and bleed of the hydraulic brake system. Brake fluid is “hydroscopic”. This means it will absorb moisture. In time, this will affect the overall brake system. This is best done ever two years.

All brake components can be replaced including break pads and shoe replacements. This also covers brake disc and drum replacement or machining. Only quality OEM or OE (original Equipment Manufacture Parts) are used. These are to the same standard as the original Audi manufactured parts.

Engine Rebuilds and Repairs

If needed, an engine and transmission can be rebuilt to “race” standard or customized according to the specification offered by a customer. Alternatively, the Audi engine can be returned back to the original manufactured standard specification.

There is a full set of diagnostic and testing equipment at hand to fully check the Audi’s engine and transmission systems. Any faults or problems will be identified and corrected. This covers both “S-Tronic ” and manual gearbox systems. Any upgrades and changes can also be made.

Fuel Injection Repairs

With the increasing demands for efficiency and increased emission standards, there is the need to fully test, what is becoming an increasingly complex system. There is now very sophisticated testing equipment available to comprehensively test a fuel injection system.

Finally, Steering and Suspension.

This must function properly. All aspects of steering and suspension will be tested and repaired if necessary. This covers shock absorbers, and power steering along with all other mechanisms and systems.

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