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Top 5 Places To Go Surfing In Australia’s Amazing Coastline

“Walking the board” has been a long-time favorite family activity and competitive sport to the sunshine drenched residents of Australia. Boasting of soft sand and magnificent views, plan your next surfing trip to the famous Aussie coastline. The following article highlights 5 spectacular beaches and fun attractions, while you pick any of the vacation holiday homes Noosa offers.

Snapper Rocks

Considered one of surf world’s prime boarding spots, Snapper Rocks is located at Rainbow Bay, known for its colourful sandy beaches. Renowned for the ‘Super Bank’, it is home to the longest, most consistent hollow waves in the world. The swells at Snapper Rocks reach six to eight feet and land you as far as two kilometers away from where you started. The most elite surf events occur here such as Quiksilver and Roxy Pro and you can catch regular surfing elites here at their favorite surf spot.


Featured on many travel shows and home to the Noosa Surfing Festival, Noosa is located in Queensland and is one of Australia’s most fashionable resort towns. It is regarded by UNESCO for its crystal blue waters and a thriving tropical rainforest with a diverse ecosystem. Finding accommodations such as holiday homes Noosa wide or resorts in Noosa heads witta circle is easy through websites like Other places you can find Noosa accommodation, hostels or holiday stays in Noosa are to simply visit the resort coastline where warm locals are always ready to point travelers in the right direction. It is considered one of the most photogenic beaches for long boarding, boasting swells that will give you a 200-meter ride.

Crescent Head

Located on the coastline in New South Wales, the 25-kilometer coastline is home to four perfect point-breaks and is easy surfing for beginners as well. You can hire a long board in case you may not be travelling with one and sign up for their many surfing lessons. The relatively small community also has a golf course if you want to take a break from the Pacific Ocean. RW Noosa Holidays

Bells Beach

To surfing enthusiasts Bells Beach is the historic and spiritual home to Aussie surfing. Home to the Rip Curl Pro, Australia’s most prestigious surfing event, swells from the south make consistent surfing possible. If you are new to long boarding, you might want to be cautious about the shallow reef closer to the coastline, in case you face an unusually bad weather. Swells here have been recorded at five meters and above, allowing professional surfers to glide along the coastline for longer stretches  while enjoying the oceanic view.

Angourie To Byron Bay

The northern coast of NSW was dubbed the promise land for surf culture in the 1960s. Started by surfing communes living semi bohemian lives, Angourie was discovered in the 1970s for its prominent point break and easy access to the water. Byron Bay has been featured in endless documentaries and films for its pretty sandy beaches and majestic coastline.


With Spring Break around the corner, you can make your travel plans accordingly. You can find holiday homes Noosa wide that will allow you the freedom of living like a local, while you learn to surf or ride the waves like a pro.

Why Volunteers Quit & How to Avoid It

Anyone who has tried to volunteer overseas in the past knows how difficult the task is. In fact, more than half of those who volunteer quit after their first stint overseas. The reasons are aplenty but they can be broken down into a few common categories. If you are a volunteer or running a volunteer program, it is important to identify what compels people to quit so you can prevent it from happening.

Lack of Flexibility

This is a common complaint that volunteers might have that compel them to quit an organization. Whether you volunteer in Thailand or somewhere else, you have utilize the skills and abilities of your members. You have to be open to giving them new tasks that will utilize their talents and also challenge their abilities. When you are volunteering for some time, things can be monotonous.

You have to keep things new all the time. You can either change up the schedule or assign the volunteers to try out new tasks. The opportunity to try out new things will no doubt shake off that sense of boredom or keep your volunteers from becoming disinterested.

Too Much Wasted Time

Do you hold meetings all the time? Do you spend a great deal of planning but not much action on field? You should think about it closely as you could be driving volunteers away. Individuals who volunteer overseas are driven by their passion and need to do things. So when you spend more of your time planning without executing, they might lose interest because nothing is being done. There is also a sense of idealism present in most volunteers in terms of creating a significant impact in the community they are volunteering in. Without much action or activity, volunteers would start to feel they are not fulfilling their purpose.

Lack of Professionalism

Most volunteers who embark on Thailand travel and volunteer efforts are professionals. Hence, you need to address them with utmost professionalism too. You need to be organized in laying out your action plan for your project. Hence, when people sign up to join volunteer Thailand opportunities, they expect that there should be proper designation of tasks that will utilize the skills and knowledge that they have to offer. Even when you are managing a team of young volunteers (mostly those in their gap year), you should still treat them with professionalism.

Lack of Feedback

You need to constantly communicate with people involved in your volunteer overseas project. Make sure you constantly provide them with feedback. Lack of feedback would make them feel like they are not making any difference. Hence, you should set aside time to speak to members of the organization and what they can contribute to the overall success of the program.

Lack of Leadership

Finally, volunteers get discouraged about the program when there is a lack of leadership. Leaders serve as their guide when it comes to utilizing their skills and working towards a common goal. Hence, it is important to establish good leadership as it can make or break a volunteer project. Find out more here:

LDV Van: Test-Drive Requirements You Shouldn’t Ignore

When buying a used commercial van, it is important to find its accurate value first. Although there are many ways of finding the value of a used commercial van, a safe test-drive is the most effective. The mistake that most used car buyers make is only considering shape and color of the van, listening to the sound system and just motoring around. However, test-driving techniques help in separating keepers from clunkers. Test-driving also helps the buyer know whether or not the used Brisbane ldv van is reliable and safe. When test-driving a used van, it is good for the buyer to:

Be open minded

The buyer should not be prejudiced when test-driving a van they intend to buy. The buyer should know that not all modifications change the vehicle for the better. During test-drive, it is advisable not to concentrate on the enticing features such as the sound system or dvd player. It is good to pay much attention to the components found under the hood as well as the tires among others. Being minded means that things may not always turn out the ways you expected them to be. The used Brisbane ldv van you saw from outside may not be a different one once you get inside.

Inspect the vehicle before a test-drive

Before you ignite the engine to go for test-driving, it is important to inspect a few things. Find out if the tire pressure is correct and if the transmission fluid, coolant, and oil levels are at the recommended levels. If you open the hood and detect any overpowering odor, know there is trouble. Besides checking whether the fluid levels are low, you should also check whether the fluids are dirty. Interior sludgy and dark deposits could mean oil was infrequently changed. Checking for fluid or oil loss, cracked fan belts and hoses, dented skid plates and leaking shock absorbers is crucial before test-driving any used commerical van Brisbane market has for customers. Brisbane City LDV

Note down something

Get a notebook or paper and a pen before you set for test-driving. It may not be possible to remember fault you note on the way. Come up with a chart that covers important areas such as bodywork, brakes, noise, ride, sound system, seat comfort, tires, steering feel, interior wear and maintenance among others. The grades may not explain everything during test-drive. For this reason, making some notes on any g10 ldv specifications you don’t understand would be important.

Turn off the music

Music is good during test-drive only when you are assessing the condition and quality of the sound system. It is recommended that you turn off the sound system, heater fan or air conditioner once you have evaluated them. They may hinder you from hearing any unusual noise that denotes a problem. Again, you should differentiate the unusual noise from the normal noise that tires and wind cause. This way, you would then later discuss with the seller about the noted concerns to ensure you don’t buy a used Brisbane commercial van that doesn’t match what you pay.

Test-driving is not about covering several kilometers on a highway. It may require you to test-drive on rough roads to see the color of the smoke the Brisbane ldv van would produce and its general stability. The most important thing is being attentive to anything you find unusual with the car and note it down.

Why Service Your Citroen Car Often?

Vehicles, no matter the quality, eventually deteriorate with age. It doesn’t matter how long or often you use them. The parts simply wear out when you use them; only the rate at which these wear out varies. There is both a value and safety imperative for servicing your Citroen car often at a Citroen dealer. Regular servicing means that your car can serve you over the long term and you are unlikely to make replacements any time soon. It also means that your car will be in the best condition possible for regular use. By taking your car for regular servicing at a Brisbane Citroen dealership, you will also be able to identify and arrest faults relatively quickly before they escalate and become more serious problems.

The vital fluids of the vehicle, for example, need to be checked on a regular basis. You also need to ensure that the electronic and mechanical functions of the vehicle are reviewed often and are working properly. With the Citroen vehicle models such as the Citroen C3 Brisbane cars or the Citroen C4 Brisbane cars, there are several technological innovations such as electronic fuel injection along with the electronic control units which have simplified the process of maintaining your Citroen vehicle. This is, however, only possible when the right computer equipment is used by a professional Citroen dealer with the right kind of expertise. Given the technological advances in the current Citroen models, you need technicians with great technical proficiency in order to properly handle the vehicle servicing and repairs.

Today’s car servicing involves more than just the greasing and the oiling. Most modern cars are highly sophisticated. Modern car servicing by qualified Brisbane Citroen dealers involves inspecting numerous components and carrying out multiple adjustments as well as system checks on the vehicle.

Good servicing by a reputable dealer is generally a bit costly but certainly worth the money. In order to keep the Citroen engine working in top order and delivering the best performance, it is necessary to undertake accurate electronic monitoring of the vehicle as well as making fine adjustments on the vehicle based on what is supplied on the readout of the diagnostic computers used in the dealership.

When the Citroen engine is correctly serviced and tuned for the best performance by a reliable Citroen dealer, you can be guaranteed of longer and economical service life for the period you will use the vehicle. It is also an opportunity to detect some of the problems with the engine and the transmission system of the vehicle.

There are certain maintenances that should be carried out on a regular basis. For example, the vehicle’s hydraulic fluid should be changed regularly. Water that is contained in the hydraulic fluid may potentially corrode your vehicle system from inside and the results can be catastrophic.

If you are looking for extra performance and longevity in your Citroen, you may also consider the use of coolants. But these generally degrade gradually and will lose their ability to inhibit the corrosion hence the need to change it more often. It is good for the cooling efficiency of the engine so it is necessary to have this checked adequately.

A full service will unearth many other issues as that could potentially pose some serious problems for your vehicle such as the condition of your brake pads, the alignment of the steering, the depth of the tyre tread and the oil and exhaust leaks. With the best servicing, you car will get you great value when you sell it while assuring you of reliability for the duration of use.

Top Reasons why Byron Bay Private Airport Transfers are the Best Way to Travel

Want to travel in style freed up of any worries and certain that you will get to your destinations in time and relative comfort during your business travels? Maybe it is time you tried out the private airport transfers Byron Bay offers. There are many reasons why business travelers opt for the Byron Bay private airport transfers. These include the following :

Image result for Private Airport Transfers Byron Bay

You get what you pay for

With the private airport transfers Byron Bay has today, you will really get what you pay for. If you are looking for absolute luxury during your private airport transfers, you can sit back and prepare yourself for an absolute pampering. You will simply pay for the cost of the transfer and you don’t have to worry about footing other costs or charges. The cost of the rental will depend on the type of the car that you want.

Feel like a movie star

Want a VIP treatment during your business travel? The private airport transfers will give you the absolute VIP feeling when you travel in these cars. You can get out of the airport and there you have your driver waiting for you to be chauffer driven around town as you go about your business. You will even be assisted with your luggage and you can recline comfortably and take a rest or deep breath as you take in the sights and sounds of the city, ready for your next big meeting or holidays. Click here Alpha Transfers

You don’t have to worry about the nagging GPS lady

Are you tired of the GPS “lady” during your business travels? Well, with private airport transfers in Byron Bay, you don’t have to worry about being directed by the ever-right “dashboard driver”. You can sit still and go out wherever you want to or simply take in the sights and sounds.

Start relaxing the moment you zip-up the luggage

For many business travelers, the travel experience is a constant mess and liturgy of complaints and worries. With the Byron Bay private airport transfers, you can start relaxing coolly the moment you zip up your luggage and take your seat in the plane. From there, everyone will be well taken care of. You don’t have to worry about where to get the car rental or taxi hire or whether your hotel has sent out some shuttle in time to pick you. You can have a more quality experience during your holidays this way.

It is still possible to stay together

Private airport transfers in Byron Bay are not just for the solo business traveler or luxury traveler. There are transfers for groups too. So if you are travelling with a colleague or even a loved one, you can still afford the best private airport transfers Byron Bay service that will keep you together and also offer you the best experience ever during your travels.

Looking for some quality airport transfers in Byron Bay? Check out for some great deals as well as options. Alpha Transfers has been in the executive travel industry for 21 years now and offers Brisbane-Byron Bay executive transfers that will satisfy even the most discerning of travelers.