Buying New Tyres: 4 Facts That Determine the Type You Choose

Quality tyres are some of the critical safety features any vehicle can have. In fact, the highly advanced anti-skid system, strong brakes and brawn engine greatly depend on the ability of the tyres to grip on the road. The 4 contact tyres are important in transmitting the gas or brake pedals, or even the steering wheel on the road. Using under-inflated or worn out tyres puts the vehicle, driver, passengers or others at risk. That’s why it’s important to ensure the vehicle has quality tyres every time it’s on the road. Here are facts that determine your choice when buying new tyres in Gold Coast.

The way you drive

Although getting new tyres is great move in maintaining your car in good condition, how you drive it may determine the type of tyres you buy. For instance, you need to find out if you prefer a firm ride, soft ride or a combination of both. The tyres you buy should effectively support the load your vehicle carries. If your car requires a light-truck tyre, it would be wrong to buy a passenger-car tyre. Keep in mind that the type of tyre you choose determines ride quality, load capability, wear, cost, and noise suppression.

Fuel economy

Fuel economy affects different tyre consumers differently. Changing the type of tyres your car had when it was new may affect its fuel economy in a good or bad way. Studies show that most car owners and users experience a 15-20 percent fuel economy difference depending on the tyres they choose. Although some car owners prefer high fuel economy, they don’t like it when its cost has to depend on performance or mileage particularly in wet conditions. The original equipment tyre is what car owners who want good fuel economy tyres choose.

Tread wear

One of the aspects that most car owners consider when buying new tyres in Gold Coast is tyre longevity. Factors that determine longevity of most tyres today include road conditions, climate, and geographical elevation, driving habits and longevity estimate from a manufacturer. If the road conditions in your area are harder, the tyres will wear down quickly. Driving in roads that are curvy and with pot holes causes the tyre treads to wear out faster than they should. Those who like making long burn-outs while driving may not maintain their tyre treads in good condition for a long time.

Manufacturer’s recommendations

Car manufacturers have specific tyre type and size they recommend for each car. The manufacturers base their recommendations on off-road capacity, load capacity, weight, size and steering. Changing the tyres to bigger ones would definitely affect your driving experience as well as speedometer reading. Each speedometer reading is determined by each full revolution that a tyre makes. Wrong tyres may cause inaccurate speedometer readings that could otherwise increase fuel consumption rate.

In as much as buying a car new tyres in Gold Coast may look a simpler task, the truth is that most people don’t consider the above tyre buying facts. Most of them may even never know the size of their car tyres or even when they need to be replaced. The quality of tyres you buy determines many things about your vehicle particularly in terms of performance.

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